Weekly Update #2: 4/29 – 5/5

As I said last time, this post won’t be that interesting. I basically did very little except work this week. However, I’m graduating Monday and am officially done with college, so that’s pretty major.


I added a game this week as I realized that all the games I was playing last week were either unbeatable time sinks, or just 50+ hour behemoths that I sometimes needed a break from. Unfortunately, the game I added – Radiant Historia – is also a JRPG and a long game in its own right. Crap.

This is really the only game I played significantly at all this week, so it’ll be all I talk about. Basically I really enjoy it. Solid battle system, really great main characters, fun story. I’m not super far in, only around 11 or so hours, so I don’t really have all the details, but there’s a lot going on. I’ll probably post a mini-review on here when I finish it, which will hopefully be this week or the next.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Else

Graduating next week. Relaxing and having fun this week. Got a new leather jacket as a present to myself. Sobou made me a ridiculously awesome Kanbei bead sprite.

Also started watching the show “How I Met Your Mother”, which is really funny. It’s no Seinfeld, but it’s entertaining and the characters matter to me. I’m on the second season.

Other than that, nothing much going on! See you all next week with what will hopefully be a much more exciting report.

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