Weekly Update #3: 5/6 – 5/12

Unquestionably a great week. Yet at the same time, so very busy. More gaming was accomplished this week than last, but not too much. I still haven’t beaten a game since EARLY APRIL – over a month ago! Fortunately, I’ve been tame and haven’t fed Bak’laag either. I actually have no plans to do so…for a long time.


Decided that for the purposes of the Backloggery, I won’t be counting Final Fantasy XI as “Now Playing”, even if I am. Haven’t played it in a long time and may quit, since I plan to play a game with my friend James, and we may decide on a different MMO. In any case, not gonna be on the Now Playing list as I feel it clutters it. In other gaming news, I’ve continued some quests and am nearing the end of TWO different games.

Continued playing this beast. It’s still good, but I’m finding myself kind of running out of patience with it. It’s too jarring running around two different “histories” all the time, trying to keep events and what people are doing straight, and I constantly feel like nothing really significant has happened. The game does a great job of masking the slow pacing for the most part, but it’s really started to become an issue lately. Anyway, I may review it later, but I might not. I don’t know if I really want to start a review section on this blog – we’ll see.

I started playing this Thursday and as of yesterday I had just beaten the fourth dungeon. After playing it a bit more, I’ve reached the final dungeon. Just getting there is really hard; however, I think I can beat it tomorrow.

Other games I should be playing but haven’t really this week:

Europa Universalis III
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XI

Sorry Final Fantasy fans! Haven’t been in the mood.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Else

This past weekend was amazing. It is a prime candidate for best weekend ever. To really do it justice, we have to begin last Thursday, when I got my new Michael Jackson jacket. I bought myself a graduation gift of a 100% leather Thriller jacket, and it’s probably the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever worn. I went out in it and got approached like 30 times by people complimenting it or me – no joke. It was crazy the amount of attention I received, which I’m not super used to. Needless to say, that night was a lot of fun.

That Friday night was also great, as the movie Thor was finally released. Now, some of you may not know this, but I am a big Thor fan – he’s easily my favorite superhero and several years ago I dressed up as him for Halloween. I’ve been eying the release of this movie since 2008, warily and with some anticipation. So, I’m pleased to say that I’m relatively happy with the end result. I went in with some dread, because Marvel movies are super hit-or-miss for me, but Thor, I thought, was more of a hit. And I got to see it with my dad! Great night.

Next, Saturday. Wonderful day, first of all, spending time with my family and friends during the day. My dad dragged my mom, me, and my friend all the way out to the middle of nowhere to find a Harbor Freight, then we ended up not really buying anything there. But it was still a lot of fun. That night though was when it really got awesome! My friends James and Amy bought me a ticket to join them in going to a Distant Worlds concert. For those who don’t know, Distant Worlds is a touring group that makes use of symphonies worldwide to play Final Fantasy music. So…basically, it was a symphony orchestra playing Final Fantasy music, which is amazing. As an added bonus, Nobou Uematsu, the composer of that music, made a special appearance and got onstage. It was awesome! They did the Opera scene from FF6, Terra’s Theme, then a surprise One Winged Angel, as well as a bunch of other stuff. We had a blast.

Sunday was great because I got to watch the Lakers get swept and then got great food. I’m a basketball fan, but I’m more of a hater than anything – I despise the Lakers and root for them to lose, no matter who is playing them. Their recent success, you might imagine, has pissed me off lately, but it was great to see them lose. I don’t really care about basketball anymore now that they’re removed.

Monday, graduated. Obviously a bittersweet thing, but more sweet than bitter.

The rest of the week I haven’t been up to much. Almost all the gaming I covered in the previous section occurred during this stretch, between Tuesday and Thursday. Today (Friday), I mostly just packed for my impeding move, and tomorrow I fly out to Houston for a month. Have no idea what I’ll be doing there, really.

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Weekly Update #2: 4/29 – 5/5

As I said last time, this post won’t be that interesting. I basically did very little except work this week. However, I’m graduating Monday and am officially done with college, so that’s pretty major.


I added a game this week as I realized that all the games I was playing last week were either unbeatable time sinks, or just 50+ hour behemoths that I sometimes needed a break from. Unfortunately, the game I added – Radiant Historia – is also a JRPG and a long game in its own right. Crap.

This is really the only game I played significantly at all this week, so it’ll be all I talk about. Basically I really enjoy it. Solid battle system, really great main characters, fun story. I’m not super far in, only around 11 or so hours, so I don’t really have all the details, but there’s a lot going on. I’ll probably post a mini-review on here when I finish it, which will hopefully be this week or the next.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Else

Graduating next week. Relaxing and having fun this week. Got a new leather jacket as a present to myself. Sobou made me a ridiculously awesome Kanbei bead sprite.

Also started watching the show “How I Met Your Mother”, which is really funny. It’s no Seinfeld, but it’s entertaining and the characters matter to me. I’m on the second season.

Other than that, nothing much going on! See you all next week with what will hopefully be a much more exciting report.

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Weekly Update #1: 4/21 – 4/28

Thursday seems like a solid day for these, but I might move it to Friday depending on…stuff. I don’t really know.

Anyway, this is going to be kind of a lame first weekly post. This week, I’m just incredibly busy. No lie. There will be almost zero time for playing video games because I need to work my ass off to finish all of my papers and finals by next Wednesday. After that I’m going to be busy with graduation and moving around, so until mid-May my life isn’t likely to slow down. Which brings me to this post and what I’ve been up to!

Gaming – For those of you who follow me on the Backloggery, you guys know what I’ve been playing: Europa Universalis III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XI, and Dynasty Warriors 7. This past week, I’ve made a decent amount of progress in all of them, but nothing very definitive. I’ve been too hesitant to commit to a full day of gaming recently so all of my progress has been very sporadic.

Europa Universalis III – I still am loving this game. I’ve been playing as the old Duchy of Burgundy starting from 1399, and as of 1622 I have become the largest empire the world has ever seen. This week, I made a lot of progress by annexing the Ottoman Empire, continuing my expansion into Asia, taking a lot of the Middle East from the Mamluks, and generally colonizing North America. I have almost total control of the New World and it is a huge source of revenue.

Final Fantasy VII – I’m kind of weird in that I don’t really like this game that much. I think it’s extremely slow-paced and uninteresting for most of the game, particularly once you leave Midgar. However, the game has been showing signs of life this week. I only played it for maybe two or three hours all week, but in that time I hit what I would probably consider the “turning point” of the game, as I essentially “accomplished” my objective that I’d been working towards since the beginning. If I wasn’t so swamped with work this week, I’d definitely try to get to the endgame, if not totally complete it. Oh well, there’s time for that yet.

Final Fantasy XI – I made zero progress in leveling my character this week, instead using the small amount of time I played to do some exploring and supply quests. I also turned in a bunch of crops to increase my fame in preparation for obtaining the Warp spell, which will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes me to get anywhere. Also, Codex took me to Jeuno, where as of now I am sort of trapped. Oh well! I actually am enjoying playing this game, which is strange because I don’t really like MMOs. It’s no secret why: the Backloggery folks are extremely nice. Thanks for making me feel welcome, guys.

Dynasty Warriors 7 – This is kind of my go-to game for when I don’t really feel like playing for a long period of time, and as such I’ve played this game quite a bit. I’ve done a lot of Conquest Mode. Normally, in these games I stick to my two favorite characters (Zhang Fei and Lu Bu), but since I’ve been enjoying Conquest Mode so much I decided I’d branch out a bit and play as the more androgynous Zhang He a bit. Also, there are so many new characters in this game it’s unbelievable. Part of me wants a new Warriors Orochi game with all of these DW7 characters plus all the Samurai Warriors characters…it’d end up a total mess.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Else – This week I did quite a lot of reading. A lot of these books were for class or were class related, such as Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes’s The Clouds, Greek and Roman Oared Warships, by J.S. Morrison, The Histories, by Polybius, and the monumental History of the Roman People by Titus Livius (Livy). But a lot wasn’t: in addition to reading all of this, I also read The Game by Neil Strauss, and around 70 chapters of the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber, known in Chinese as Hong Lo Meng. Of all of these books, unquestionably the one that I spent the most time with was The Game. Not only did I read the book in one night, but I woke up the next day and spent several hours underlining and writing down nuggets of wisdom from it. I actually plan to try and make use of some of this information tonight or tomorrow, when I’ll be doing karaoke!

Speaking of karaoke, me and a friend went to a nice little dive bar in Midtown Atlanta this Friday night, which happened to have karaoke. I dominated that shit! I had so much fun just dancing and singing, and the crowd was totally into it. I went all dressed up like Michael Jackson, with my “Beat It” jacket, and white shiny glove. I got up and did “Thriller”, complete with dance. It was insane how many women came up and complimented me on it afterwards. Later that night I also went up and performed the Jackson 5 classic “I Want You Back”, followed an hour or so later by the sweet Elvis Presley “Devil In Disguise”. Each time people clamored for an ovation. I think I should be a performer.

Other than all of this, not much has been going on. I’ve finished one of my major papers and have put in several hours into another. I haven’t been eating too well because of a combination of work and the fact that our refrigerator broke in our apartment. One of my roommates has taken care of it though and we should have a new one by the end of this week hopefully.

ANYWAY, tl;dr, I gamed, read, sang, danced, and worked my ass off this week. By this time next week I will be completely done with work and it will be great.

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Mamba’s Life and Gaming Blog

I felt the need to create something like this, as, although no one probably cares, it seems to be all the rage these days. Realistically, reading about my life is probably far less exciting than actually meeting me and talking to me about it (as I’m a good conversationalist, as most would agree), but for those of you who don’t see me very often and are interested in how I’m doing I’m creating this page just for you. Sound good? I should hope so!

Likely how I’ll structure this is either weekly or monthly. At first I’ll try for weekly, which may or may not happen depending on how I feel at the time. I’m going to be out of school shortly, so once that happens I will have more free time, but also will probably have more crazy adventures. I’m known for that.

Secondly, I hope to update people on my gaming situation. This is for two reasons: first, I’m linking this page to www.backloggery.com, a site devoted to the hobby, and second, because I just like it. I don’t game as much as a lot of people but I certainly do it more than most, so it becomes something that I like to look back on. Thus, I’m going to write about it. If you want to just read about crazy events in my life, you can always skip these sections.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll have my inaugural blog post today (maybe later), because I have seven pages of a book review to write for tomorrow. The books are about Franks, and one of them is insanely dense, so I really should get on that right now and stop wasting time. Catch you later!

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